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emerge helps local recovery programs raise scholarship funds through the powerful medium of music.


emerge  provides counseling & helps facilitate the recovery program intake process



emerge works with local businesses to place graduates of  drug recovery programs into reliable employment. 


Cameron's Story

Cameron grew up fast on the streets of Atlanta as a young teenage son to a drug-addicted mother.  With no one to guide him, he fell into the patterns laid out for him:  The rap "industry standards" of hustling drugs and a lifestyle of crime.  After being arrested a number of times, Cameron found himself facing the possibility of doing hard time for decades to come. God used the Emerge community to interfere with those plans and help him find a trajectory of hope for his future.

Rick's Story

Rick Staton's journey is one of the most inspiring that you'll encounter. From suicidal and addicted to hopeful and victorious!  This father of 2 sons knew that he didn't want to leave his family behind, but he also knew that he couldn't go on living the way he was as an addict. You'll be deeply touched by this story of unparalleled courage and redemption.

Justin's Story

We met Justin in a hospital in downtown Atlanta.  He was in medical detox with a serious staph infection in his arm and the hospital was getting ready to turn him back out on the streets without completing his medical care.  We fought with the hospital management for hours until they agreed to let him stay until we could make arrangements for him.  He now is back on his feet thanks to God's grace, his courage, our team's tenacity and your generosity!

Mark's Story

After suffering from drug addiction since the age of 11, Mark's recovery story begins with a drug induced, 2-story fall from a ladder which affected his ability to walk and talk. Emerge helped connect Mark with a job placement program that has helped make a great impact on his life and family after graduating from a successful recovery program.  He is now restored with his family and has a fulfilling job for the first time since 1997.  

Become a partner with emerge to help people just like Cameron, Rick, Justin & Mark find hope for the future!



I am learning skills that will last a lifetime.  I have been given extended support and community through work relationships and friendships.


The Emerge Job Program gave me the first job I've had since 1997.  It just feels so good to work


I consider myself so fortunate to be working and learned a lot about myself and the business.  I am truly blessed to be where I am

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